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Hair Play Fostering Connections
Helping Foster Care Children “Love their hair”.


Our Story: 


Growing up as a foster child himself, world-renowned stylist, owner of Hair Play Salon, and creator of ‘SET’ a Hair Play Product, Fritz Clay, is passionate and committed to giving back to the foster care community. With over 35+ years experience, specializing in curly and multi-textured hair, Fritz believes that “hair is such an essential part of a person’s confidence, pride and self-love.”


Our Purpose:


To empower and support foster care parents and their children through hair-care education and workshops. 


Our Goal: 


Fundraising for the first round of Virtual Workshops: “How to Care for Their Hair.” In these workshops, Fritz Clay will use his product SET, to teach parents step-by-step how to style and care for their child’s hair. All textures welcome! 


Here’s where you come in! We want to provide each participating family with at least one bottle of SET. We need your help to make this happen! Each bottle purchased one dollar will go to the fund.

Thank you so much for the support, 


HP Fostering Connections



When you buy Hairplay Products 1 dollar for every purchase goes to supporting our programs.  


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